Study Abroad-Why should you choose Australia?

Why should you study in Australia?

This country provides an educational experience that makes a real difference in a student’s life.Graduates from Australia are quite successful in finding jobs across the world.Most of them hold a prominent positions worldwide.

Why only Australia?

It is a dynamic multicultural and energetic country. Multicultural Australia is English-speaking and a friendly place for students across the world. If you wish to experience bustling city life, big cities like Melbourne and Sydney are great examples of a fantastic contemporary lifestyle, from modern art museum and cafes to beautiful city parks.

Another reason to study in Australia is of course the beautiful landscape. There are more than five different climate zones on this continent. Some parts of the rain forest and areas of Great Barrier Reef even belong to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. There will be several possibilities to travel around the whole country between your terms. You can try skiing in the South-East mountains of Australia or go for an adventure in the jungle.

Easy access to part-time jobs alongside your studies-

During a student’s study period in Australia, they will easily find a part-time job as there are several job opportunities for them. With the Australian student visa, they are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester. During semester breaks they can even work full-time. Students can find part-time jobs that show a connection to their studies e.g. in agencies or companies. If a student just want to make money without gaining study-related work-experience. They can apply as a health, retail assistant or a promoter.

After graduation there are higher chances of landing a job. If a student wishes to go back to their home country, they will surely like their Australian degree. If they decide to stay in Australia after their study then they could apply for the ‘temporary graduate visa’. This allows the students to work in Australia for 12 more months even after they have graduated.

In comparison to other countries, it is quite easy to get a visa to study in Australia. Foreign students who want to study in Australia can become a part of Abroad Unified Pathway Program (AUPP) a unique credit-transfer program that allows international students to study first year of their graduation in their home country at a lesser cost and then move to Australia to complete their abroad education.

So, what are you waiting for join AUPP and realize your study abroad dream in Australia!

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