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Why Australia

Why study in Australia?


Australian qualification, international recognition.
• Learning aimed at making industry ready workforce.
• A great place and the first choice for hordes of international students.
• A place where nature perfectly blends into the urban lifestyle.
• Something for everyone, be it wildlife, cuisines, multicultural environment, or scenic beauty.
Australia is a safe, friendly, and harmonious country equally welcoming for students from all backgrounds, countries, and cultures.
• Being an English-speaking country, Australia offers great comfort in studying and living.

Quality assurance:

• Courses designed to match industry trends and requirements.
• CRICOS regulated courses for higher quality and global acceptance.
• AQF Framework for a structured education system.
• Top and globally respected universities offering the widest range of programs.

Student support services:

• Student support services available to help facilitate a smooth transition to life in Australia.
• Emergency and health services available*.
• Airport pickup*.
• Accommodation*.
• Part time job assistance.

Trusted Qualifications:

• More than 950,000 international students were enrolled at Australian education institutions in December 2019.
• International student enrolments at Australian education institutions rose by close to 10% year-on-year from 2018 to 2019.

• Qualifications are recognised by international employers and leading universities around the world.