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Study in Canada

Canada is located in the far north of North America. The country is divided into ten provinces and three territories. It is the world’s second-largest country by area. Its western and southern borders touch the United States. Ottawa is the country’s capital, and Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the country’s three largest cities.

For students seeking a world-class education, Canada is an excellent choice. Over the last few years, Canada has seen a steady expansion in education and the travel industry. For the past nine years, the United Nations has ranked Canada as one of the top three places to live in the world. Students interested in studying abroad appreciate the value proposition it provides: top-tier universities at an affordable price in a safe, beautiful, multicultural, progressive, and welcoming environment. Internationally regarded, Canadian education is among the most sought-after in the world.
Here are few reasons why Canada is preferred destination for International students.


Quality Education: A degree or diploma from Canada is regarded equivalent to a degree or diploma from another developed country. Canadian institutes maintain strong academic standards and are consistently considered among the best in the world. In the QS World University Rankings 2019, 26 of Canada’s universities are ranked, and 27 are ranked in the World University Rankings 2019.


Wide range of courses: Canadian universities provide more than 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Along with their main degree programme, students can enrol in a variety of workshops, short courses, and upgrades for skilled employees and professionals. Few universities provide specialist courses in disciplines such as fishery, agriculture, apiculture, and paramedical technology,  telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, business studies, and environmental sciences.


Affordable education: In comparison to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, tuition fees for international students in Canada are lower. The tuition rate varies each college and university, but on average, the annual fee ranges from 14000 to 16000 Canadian dollars.

Multiple scholarships available: Scholarships and bursaries are available from the Canadian government and several private and public organisations to deserving international students.


Safe and peaceful Country: Canada is a peaceful and safe country. According to the worldwide ranking, Canada is one of the top ten safest nations to visit in the world. International students will find a welcome and pleasant environment in the country.

Part Time Work: International students are permitted to work part-time while pursuing their education. Students can work 20 hours per week off campus, with an average compensation of CAD 12-14 per hour. The annual cost of living is roughly CAD 10,000.


Benefits of AUPP :

  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Become Graduate from a world-renowned University
  • Bachelor’s Degree Pathway: Study the first 10 months in India & the rest 2 years in Australia
  • Precious Time Saving – Start your studies from day one and save time
  • Start preparing for IELTS once you enrol with AUPP
  • Complete Visa Assistance – Guidance through a recognized agency
  • Optional Support Services in Australia you may avail – Airport Pickups, Accommodation, Job Placement Assistance, Personal Counselling in Australia.


2019/2020, Year 12th Pass

Minimum Eligibility required in Year 12th:

    • CBSE & ICSE Boards: 60%
    • State Boards(excluding Punjab & Haryana State Board): 65%
    • Haryana & Punjab State Boards: 70%



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