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iWILPro Cyber Security



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Course Overview
This program is designed to empower the IT professionals who want to up their skills to match not just today’s but tomorrow’s industry’s standards. This is a program which will make you ready for tomorrow in a field that is growing at an exponential rate today. Hence, opportunity and growth shall never be a concern for you after becoming an expert in Cyber Security. This program is designed specially as per the analysis of the future of the IT industry and job prospects in near future.

This CISM course is an amazing opportunity for IT professionals who want to upgrade their skills and their professional career. This certification is of chief importance for IT professionals who want to manage, design and access an organization's information security. At iWIL PRO, this course covers all four domains of CISM as mentioned below, which will help you in preparing for the CISM Certification exam.
The course deals with the following domains of CISM:
Domain 01: Information Security Governance
  • Lesson 1: Information Security Governance Overview
  • Lesson 2: Effective Information Security Governance
  • Lesson 3: Information Security Concepts and Technologies
  • Lesson 4: Information Security Manager
  • Lesson 5: Scope and Charter of Information Security Governance
  • Lesson 6: Information Security Governance Metrics
  • Lesson 7: Information Security Strategy Overview
  • Lesson 8: Creating an Information Security Strategy
  • Lesson 9: Determining Current State Of Security
  • Lesson 10: Information Security Strategy Development
  • Lesson 11: Strategy Resources
  • Lesson 12: Strategy Constraints
  • Lesson 13: Action Plan to Implement Strategy
Domain 02: Information Risk Management and Compliance
  • Lesson 1: Risk Management Overview
  • Lesson 2: Good Information Security Risk Management
  • Lesson 3: Information Security Risk Management Concepts
  • Lesson 4: Implementing Risk Management
  • Lesson 5: Risk Assessment
  • Lesson 6: Controls Countermeasures
  • Lesson 7: Recovery Time Objectives
  • Lesson 8: Risk Monitoring and Communication
Domain 03: Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Lesson 1: Development of Information Security Program
  • Lesson 2: Information Security Program Objectives
  • Lesson 3: Information Security Program Development Concepts
  • Lesson 4: Scope and Charter of Information Security Program Development
  • Lesson 5: Information Security Management Framework
  • Lesson 6: Information Security Framework Components
  • Lesson 7: Information Security Program Resources
  • Lesson 8: Implementing an Information Security Program
  • Lesson 9: Information Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Lesson 10: Information Security Program
  • Lesson 11: Security Program Services and Operational Activities
Domain 04: Information Security Incident Management
  • Lesson 1: Incident Management Overview
  • Lesson 2: Incident Response Procedures
  • Lesson 3: Incident Management Organization
  • Lesson 4: Incident Management Resources
  • Lesson 5: Incident Management Objectives
  • Lesson 6: Incident Management Metrics and Indicators
  • Lesson 7: Current State of Incident Response Capability
  • Lesson 8: Developing an Incident Response Plan
  • Lesson 9: BCP/DRP
  • Lesson 10: Testing Response and Recovery Plans

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