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About AUPP

The main challenges faced by students intending to study abroad in developed An English-speaking nation such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand are preparation time, money, and a notable difference in the course curriculum of home and destination countries. We at AUPP are here to bridge this gap for our dear students. We not only help our students to save on their time and money but also get used to the foreign universities’ curriculum before landing there, through our ground-breaking and student-friendly pathway program.


AUPP Pathway Diploma Program has been launched in collaboration with one of the most reputed and esteemed college in Australia РAustralian Technical and Management Colleges (ATMC). AUPP provides its specially crafted credit transfer program to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to the top institutes across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and UK for completing the relevant undergraduate degrees


This Program allows you to undertake the first year of your International study Program in the comfort of your home country & then complete the remaining years of study in Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand. This way you save on the costs by a lot and at the same time make all the necessary preparations for overseas studies while completing the first year of your studies in your home country itself thus saving you a lot of your precious time as well.


Being prepared well before studying at an overseas campus can help you a lot in achieving great grades and lead you to a fantastic professional career. The primary focus of AUPP is that you excel at your studies and enter the industry culture equipped with the right knowledge, confidence, and ability to perform your best and achieve your professional goals. We are committed to providing you with all the guidance you would need during the challenging but great journey to allow you to become a successful professional and a productive contributor to society.


While you complete your first year in your home country, we strive hard to inculcate the required skills, knowledge, and confidence within you to continue your educational journey overseas, further leading to a successful and fulfilling professional life. We acknowledge the value of education and the importance of industry relevance in courses. We at AUPP are determined to inculcate these crucial skills in our students.


Our Objectives –

  • To lead students through the diverse and complex world of international education.
  • To help students find opportunities to develop a range of competencies to increase the effectiveness in culturally diverse settings, including¬†communication and management skills across several areas of their study life in a foreign land.
  • To help international students pick the right education provider and destination country.
  • To lessen the financial burden on international students, so they can have access to quality education.
  • To help students have more time to focus on their studies.
  • To provides end to end services to its students ranging from counseling, application processing, and if required, visa assistance, pre-departure support services, post-landing transitional support, such as job-search assistance, and helping to find accommodation
  • To provide information on the excellent scholarship options to meritorious international students by a sustainable and self-funding operating model which continues to grow today.

Worthy Pathway


With AUPP Pathway, you can begin your course in your home country, and then through the transfer of your credits after a year, you can continue your studies in Canada / UK / Australia / New Zealand.

Work while you Study


Enrolled students on a student visa can work 40 hours per fortnight during their academic terms and unlimited hours during their term breaks. Taking advantage of this can ease off a lot of the financial burden of the students.

Comfortable Travel


Students travel to the destination country in a group along with friends so that no one feels overwhelmed. Thriving in a new environment becomes a lot more comfortable with familiar faces around right from the beginning.

Post Study Work Permit


This is one of the biggest advantages of this program. Eligible students who complete their bachelor’s degree in Canada / UK / Australia / New Zealand are eligible for a post-study work visa.