How to Study in Australia can be beneficial for Indian Students?

Benefits of study in abroad


Australia is on the top most priority for study overseas, after the USA and UK. . Both public and private universities are a part of Australian university system. Each university’s curriculum is planned by the university bodies only.

Studying in Australia comes with numerous benefits i.e. Credit transfer and change in study levels and institutes according to the course of action mentioned by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The expenditure of studying in Australia is quite affordable and varies from Undergraduate to postgraduate degree. An estimation for Undergraduate could be AUD 10,000-30,0000 and for Postgraduate and PhD can be AUD 20,000-40,000, and An average cost of living in Australia is approximately AUD 18,000 per year.

The duration of Undergraduate courses is from 3 to 4 years, varying on the basis of general or professional degree, and with the help of Abroad Unified Pathway Program you can start your course in India and continue it in Australia. Study Pathway Program helps you to save time and money, so lack of funds will not hinder your dream to study in Australia, hence you will be able to complete 1 year of your study in India and can pursue further in Australia. On the contrary, Post graduate programs are research based which lasts from1 to 2 years and can be extended to 3 to 4 years.

Australian education is affordable as comparison to other countries and studentships provided to international students make it easier for them to afford their living cost. Australia’s education provides flexible hours for part-time job as well like 20 hours per week, and during breaks students can enhance their working to 40 hours per week. Furthermore, visas are also offered after completing the course i.e. from 18 months to 4 years, with which student can also apply for permanent residency.

There are numerous options available for you to explore depending upon your interests varying from culture, nature, adventure, food etc. During the weekends you can visit Blue Mountains, Royal Botanic gardens etc and you definitely going to enjoy Australian culture and student life.

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