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About AUPP

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The limiting factor for the Indian students, who wish to study a quality Australian undergraduate or postgraduate degree program, is the time & money required to pursue their educational programs.

To overcome this limitation, “ABROAD UNIFIED PATHWAY PROGRAM(AUPP)” was the first to launch  this program in India,  in collaboration with one of the most reputed college & Universities in Australia. This meant that thousands of students could save thousands of dollars on tuition fees by undertaking the first year of their studies in their home country. AUPP is specifically designed for international students, who wish to gain reputed Australian Bachelor and Masters Qualifications.


AUPP is planning to open more than 100 AUPP campuses around globally to deliver its Credit Transfer program. These centres will be known as “AUPP Audited Centres” as they are audited constantly by AUPP Australia for quality education, marketing activities, support services, assessment strategies, teaching standards (including teachers) and resources required. AUPP targets the deserving undergraduate and postgraduate students, who are looking for recognised quality degree from Australia.


AUPP not only provies a high standard competency and theoretical programs but also provides an embedded detailed IELTS preparation curriculum. The other important components of the Credit Transfer program are Support for visa applications and English Speaking classes.   AUPP targets to achieve a visa success rate of 100%. AUPP is highly supported by lot of Government (local States) and Private Organisations (leading banks) in India and Australia.

AUPP - The most prepared way to study in Australia.









. Pathway

With AUPP PATHWAY, you can start your course in India and then with the transfer of all your credit, you can start your study in Australia.

. Study

20 hours / week of study will give you added advantage of being able to do something in parallel.

. Travel

Students travel in a group so that no one felts lonely or insecure.

. Visa

This is the biggest advantage of this program. You will get Work VISA of 2 years post study, which you can extend, of course.