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Study Abroad at Affordable price

AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program) is running a pathway program since 2004. Presently AUPP operating 30 centers all over India. AUPP helps the student to fulfill their dream to study abroad by giving opportunity 1-year study in the home country and rest 2 years study in Australia. AUPP centers provide an environment which helps the student to cop-up with the Australian Education System because there is a huge difference between the Indian Education System and the Australian Education System.

In India, Australia knew as the top study abroad destinations. According to the study every Indian student dream is to study in abroad especially in Australia in their mind because of the new experience and a unique exposure they get in Australia. Australian universities comprise various assessment components to assess the students and help them to build different skills which are of paramount importance in becoming a successful person and helping students grow in whatever fields they decide to specialize in.

Most assessments are projected basis so that students can learn more by doing that and interact with the concerned people. Foreign education offers a number of high-quality standard courses. They focus mostly on practical knowledge rather than theoretical, for this they make the education more interesting by applying the knowledge practically. In abroad every professional course gets the same respect as doctor, musician, accountant etc. They believe in the practical implementation of knowledge instead of repeated education. Foreign students mean good income for the government, so student takes a keen interest in these education sectors of the nation. Therefore, a nation can expect higher education and learning. As Indian students make up a good chunk of foreign students in Australia, universities tend to do their maximum so that they can attract Indian students to their classrooms (it will attract the student through practical knowledge). This kind of education system provides students the freedom and new opportunity to do something creative.

The dream of every Indian parent is to send their child aboard for studies but the huge tuition fees may stop them, at this point AUPP provides several scholarship opportunities that can remove the financial burden of their parents. Students consider themselves very lucky that they chose AUPP to study in Australia.

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