Is Australia the best place to study for Indian students?

Study in Australia

Australia comes among the top study abroad destination in the world for Indian students. Undesirable circumstances aside, it remains a top mark destination for Indian students wishing to study abroad.

However, there are several points that need to be considered before you start your journey to Australia for your studies.

Australia offers the best programs

Students from India and China are the highest in terms of enrollment in Australian education. These students are seen inclined towards courses like Business Management, IT, Health Care, Hotel Management through pathway program or direct and complete their Diploma from the prestigious government universities in Australia.

Cost of living in Australia

Not only the tuition fee but the cost of living in Australia is less expensive as compared to the countries like US, UK etc. The overseas students will, therefore, find it more comfortable living and working in Australia. The average tuition fee for the bachelor’s degree can be somewhere around $20,000 to $35,000 annually. Living expenses which include food, travel, phone, entertainment vary from place to place, bigger cities have bigger expenses and could be range from $500 to $1000 per week.

Salary package after studying in Australia

After getting the degree from Australia, Indian students get good salary package according to their skill. For instance, Business and Management diploma holder gets a starting salary around $57,000 to $63,000 and for IT diploma it is around $60,000 to $ 68,000. After having the experience of 2-3 years, they will get the good salary package which looks very attractive with ongoing exchange rates.

Benefits of an Australian education

Every Indian student is dreaming to study in Australia because they get a good international exposure, safe and friendly environment, harmonious & diverse culture and a strong statement for their Resume. In terms of attracting foreign students, Australian university offers varieties of scholarship opportunities.

No more Homesickness

Australia is the second home especially if you are from India or the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, and Bhutan). With a large number of India subcontinent students, they don’t feel the homesickness. As the top most abroad education destination, Indian youth prefer to study in Australia and their parents also feel much safer to send their child to Australia.

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