Benefits of study in Australia

Some quick facts about Australia:

  1. Literacy rate is 100% in the country and the capital of Australia is Canberra.
  2. Number of Universities in the country-39
  3. GDP- $1.521 Trillion

Why Australia is the place for you:

It is globally recognized for its qualifications and is considered as a great place to study and work. Australia has an affordable education as compared to UK, USA and an excellent weather suitable for Indian students, unlike weather conditions in USA and Canada where winters are extremely harsh and long. The opportunities this country offers are undeniable like an exciting lifestyle, good student work visa options and PR prospects after the course.

How to know the education system of Australia:

The best way to know a country’s education system is to study in that environment. We at AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program) ranks on top in the country to help students acclimatize with the Australian system of education. We save your one year, by taking the load off your shoulders by aiding in financial documents collection, IELTS preparation and most importantly, you will be able to study the first year of your abroad education at the comfort of your own home, while saving lacks of money you would have spent if you would have traveled as a direct student.

Isn’t this the best way to save a year and also save money? Yes, indeed this is the most amazing Pathway Program to fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

Some other reasons:

IIT is a dream for most engineering students in the country, but not all clear the exam in first attempt, if you haven’t cleared it or do not intend to give the  exam, join this program and study in one of  the top Universities of Australia , we give you the platform and exposure to start earning as a student abroad.

Nothing can be so perfectly planned to achieve your goal of studying and then working in Australia. If this is in your mind or after reading this blog, you plan to join our program contact us.

Thinking about how you’re first few days be in Australia?

Away from home at a tender age is a tough thing to do, definitely you will not get the luxury that you have got throughout your life at home, but just to help you in the first few days we will aid in finding a place to stay, counselling sessions by experienced counselors, travel assistance from the airport. Just to make you a bit comfortable when you are miles away from home!

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