Australia and Multiculturalism

Australia and Multiculturalism

A country having people from all sorts of origins and backgrounds resulting in a true multi-cultural environment has essentially countless benefits for the society as a whole and Australia has exactly that. It is a country that attracts tourists, nature lovers, businesspersons, investors, students, and working professionals from every corner of the world. This just adds to its beauty and the warm environment that Australia offers to every visitor and new immigrant. But this multiculturalism not only contributes to the warm environment and richer culture but has other extensive benefits for the society too.

This multiculturalism also adds to the inflow of fresh thoughts and perspectives into a country which in turn adds to the innovation and improvements in work processes. While brainstorming on an idea generation, it is always helpful to bring in participants from different academic and professional backgrounds as it brings in fresh perspectives to the room. This freshness in ideas and thoughts is greatly amplified when people from different geographical, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds come together to be a part of a society or a country. Probably that is one of the principal reasons behind Australia being at the forefront of innovation in technology as well.

Moreover, Australia is not just home to people from all corners of the world but also boasts of impressive biodiversity. The country is abode to around 7 to 10% of all of Earth’s species which sounds just amazing. Then there is diversity in landscapes too in Australia. There are the dense rainforests, serene hills and mountains, beautiful ocean coasts, lakes, and so much more for every nature lover. These amazing and varied landscapes attract a lot of visitors to the country every year.

Another section of the crowd which lands in Australia in huge numbers every year is the international students. Australia also prides itself in providing top class education to its students, domestic and overseas alike, which is one of the best in the world. Students arrive in Australia to gain education in multiple disciplines including Information Technology Business and Management, Accounting and Commerce, and more. There are many highly respected universities in Australia delivering these courses but there is an interesting pathway program that we came across leading to education in Australia. This is the Abroad Unified Pathway Program or AUPP which allows the prospective international students to study the first year of education in their home country and continue their education further on Australian soil. This provides two great benefits to these students apart from others. One is huge cost cut during the first year of education due to lower tuition fees and accommodation in home country, and the other being a smooth transition to the Australian style of education while studying in the comfort of home country and with much assistance at disposal. A great pathway to Australian education indeed.

So, that’s about the education which is a big reason for a huge number of immigrants into Australia every year but overall, many factors as mentioned above contribute to the diverse multi-cultural population of Australia viz. biodiversity, education, beautiful varied landscapes, technology, etc. which makes this country even more beautiful and culturally rich.

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