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Study with Us

Study with Us

The AUPP programs have been developed in conjunction with ATMC Education Group and the programs utilize ATMC curriculums under license. AUPP provides its specially crafted Credit Transfer Program to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to its partner Universities campus for completing the relevant undergraduate degrees or equivalent programs.


Pacific Link College (PLC) has been innovating the education landscape in Canada by building programs and partnerships that lead students to the careers of which they dream. Our success in post secondary education has made us one of the fastest-growing institutions in Canada. Our specialty is international students, for whom we have built student support from recruiting to academics to co-op and post-graduate care.


Warnborough College was founded in Oxford in 1973. It is currently headquartered in the historic city of Canterbury. Warnborough uses the famous Socratic method of learning, which has been used for thousands of years, particularly in top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The College works with universities and other organisations around the world, and is delighted to be partnering with AUPP to give Indian students the unique pathway to earn a British degree.