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We congratulate and appreciate you on taking the leap of faith and putting your trust in Abroad Unified Pathway Program-AUPP. The fundamental key to success in today’s international career culture is firm concentration, professional training and a strong belief in yourself as well as the achievement of your goals. Abroad Unified Pathway Program-AUPP, will allow you the opportunity to take on this challenging journey and make the most of the experience we have to offer you.

The primary goal of AUPP is making you succeed in transferring your 100% skills to University in Australia & NZ and in achieving your goals so as to enter your chosen career path equipped with the knowledge, confidence and perseverance. Our goal is to provide the mentoring you will need during your journey to success so as to get crafted as professional and productive contributors of tomorrow’s society.

Together with our highly qualified and experienced professional faculties, AUPP looks forward to imparting academic excellence through value based education and an environment that is overall beneficial for your academic and professional development. Our dedication at AUPP ensures that you prepare well in your home country so that you feel at home in Australia & NZ with a safe, secure & supportive environment.

We believe that the educational aspect of life is the essence of developing skills that are needed to enter the productive society. It is also vital in promoting an individual sense of values and high ethical standards.

We personally look forward to playing a fundamental role in your life as we work towards defining your educational and professional goals.

Wishing you all the best.

AUPP - The most prepared way to study in Australia.











With AUPP PATHWAYS, you can start your course in your home country and then with the transfer of all your credit, you will continue your studies in Australia/New Zealand.


Work while Study

Enrolled students on a student visa are able to work 40 hours per fortnight during their academic terms and unlimited hours during their terms breaks.



Students travel in a group so that no one feels lonely or insecure.


Post Study Work

This is the biggest advantage of this program. Eligible students who complete their Bachelor degree in Australia/NZ are eligible for post study work visa.