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Choosing where you want to study in Australia is a very important decision. We have put together some basic information on the main study locations in Australia, to enable you to make an informed decision about what part of this beautiful country you will start your educational journey.

Few reasons why Australia should be your choice:

  • Beautiful and clean environment: not only are Australian cities renowned for being clean, the natural beauty of the natural environment is incredible.
  • Education system: Australia consistently ranks high in world polls for education provided. All levels of the education system are strictly regulated by the government and must abide by strict regulated to ensure only the highest levels of education are provided.
  • Multicultural country: Australia boasts one of the most multicultural population in the world. Over 25% of the population were born overseas.
  • Affordable standard of living: In comparison to the US or UK,Australia is very affordable. The fees charged to international student and the student’s cost of living are all reasonable.
  • Accommodation in Australia: Students studying in Australia have several options for accommodation. Be sure to choose the accommodation option to suit your needs and budget.
  • Working in Australia: All students on a student visa can work up to 40 hours per fortnight throughout their studies and as many hours as they like during their break.

Locations to consider in Australia-


  • Climate: The climate in Sydney would best be described as temperate. Winters can get quite cold and summers quite warm. Rainfall is generally spread out pretty evenly throughout the year with no official rainy season.
  • Educational institutions: Being that Sydney is the Capital City for New South Wales you have some of the best Educational Facilities available to you.
  • Cost Of Living – Medium to High.
  • Job Opportunities: Like any major city there are a lot of opportunities for international students to find employment.
  • Public Transport: Public transport in Sydney is some of the best in Australia, with the network of buses, Trans and trains there.


  • Climate-the climate in Melbourne can seem quite extreme at times winters can be very cold and summers very hot. Melbourne has a reputation for being a very rainy city but it actually receives less rain then Brisbane or Sydney each year.
  • Educational Institutions- Melbourne like Brisbane and Sydney is a capital city so you have every type of Educational facility available to you.
  • Cost of living- Medium to high
  • Job opportunities- like any major city there are a lot of opportunities for international students to find

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