Overseas Education-Trends in India

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Lets’ have a look at countries that are considered the best countries to study and some that are losing their sheen due to some reasons.

Australia and New Zealand-With recent changes in Visa procedures across the UK and US, most Indian students are now gradually shifting towards other overseas destinations like Australia and New Zealand for under and post –graduation studies. The same goes for New Zealand, Australia’s neighboring country which is another popular overseas education destination for students from India. An important fact-Indian students comprise the 2nd largest number of international students in New Zealand. The country offers easy access to student visa, has state-of –the –art academic service and additional benefits to international students, making it one of the most preferred destination for pursuing higher education.

United States of America used to be the top destination for Indian students but ever since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the USA, the future of Indian diaspora community living and /or studying there has been a topic of concern. Driven by an ‘America First’ approach, the president is now focusing on information technology based outsourcing companies and is hoping to change visa regulations that can favor applicant who are highly skilled and have a high pay scale.

Overseas Education

Following this trend of an overseas education in the States has dropped remarkably, as students fear their untimely deportation or no job after spending a fortune at a University. Similarly in the UK, Brexit is an issue that has led to lesser application filing for education by international students. Unstable economy of any country leads to fear of safety and stable life after completion of the studies.

Therefore, the top most countries that are trending as overseas education destinations for Indian students are Australia and New Zealand. Many Pathway Programs help students to realize their dream of an international education, the most prominent program is AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program), we not only help you achieve your dream, we help you save your hard-earned money to an extent, allow you to study a year in your home country and aid in documenting for visa. On top of all this, we also support you in your IELTS preparation.

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