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Study in Australia with MAX Scholarships

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AUPP MAX Scholarship

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Revolutionary offer for Australian education from AUPP

How amazing it would be if you are given an opportunity to avail 100% assured fee back for AUPP course in India. This opportunity will allow you to pursue first year of your Australian degree in India at NO COST and NO RISK.


AUPP announces its first time ever offer of hefty scholarships up to Rs. 3, 00,000/-. This offer is exclusively suitable for the aspirants who have been seeking to study abroad at minimal cost. This platform gives plethora of opportunities to those who dream big and aim skies.


ABROAD UNIFIED PATHWAY PROGRAM (AUPP) is a unique program designed by ATMC, Australia in association with the most prominent Universities of Australia. This program is a sheer bench mark to evaluate the career courses that have been run in various countries across the globe. AUPP provides 100% credit transfer to leading Australian universities and institutes in New Zealand for the qualification in the field of Bachelor of information and communication technology, Bachelor of IT, Bachelor of Accounting & Bachelor of Business.


Under this program a student enrolls with any of AUPP‘s audited partners in India (More than 50 centers and counting) and in foreign countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Ghana etc. to complete their advanced level certification program in the field of IT, IS, Accounting & Management & depending upon the level of certification completed, an AUPP student gets full credit transfers & course exemption of up to 1 year in the Bachelor Degree of Top universities of Australia and New Zealand institutions.


This entire process entails that a student upon completing their 1 year certification in India under AUPP program can study & finish their Bachelor degree from top Australian universities/ NZ institutions in just 2 years. This impeccable program saves a lot of time & money for aspirants who wish to acquire their degrees from top Australian universities like University of Sunshine Coast, Federation University of Australia and Charles Darwin University. The students have the choice to complete their degrees in MELBOURNE, SYDNEY and NZ.


Nevertheless, this program is a boon to all those budding aspirants who want to be successful in their lives and do respectable jobs.


The exclusive AUPP offer of NO RISK – NO COST enables you to bag the scholarships worth up to 3 Lacs.


With this program, you get to save one year of your life while studying a foreign degree in India, you start doing part time jobs in Australia and earn enough to have a comfortable life at the age of 19 years.


Once you enroll in Zero Study Program, you become internationally accepted executive at the age of 21 and earn handsome salaries starting from AUD 40,000-50,000.


With this well-crafted program, a student while doing 1st year of certification at an Indian campus can simultaneously complete all the essential formalities such as ILETS, Financials, passport etc. This saves a lot of time for the students as they do not waste even a single day and is prepared to fly to Australia to join one of the reputed Universities in Australia 2nd year onwards.


Not only this, ATMC provides extensive support services to all AUPP students once in Australia. ATMC provides AUPP students accommodation services; retail based training, job placement assistance & infrastructure facilities.


AUPP helps Indian Students explore the possibilities of International Education & prepare them for a high flying Global Career by studying in Australia.

Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Applied Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Business System)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information & Communications Technology
  • Bachelor of Health Science



Basis AUPP Student
CBSE/ICSE Minimum 50% in 12th
State Board Minimum 55% in 12th
Punjab Board Minimum 60% in 12th



Merit Scholorships for CBSE Students

While In India (Based on Eligibility as below)

Scholarship which can be earned by a student while in India (10 months)

  1. For 90% scorer in year 12 100% Scholarship (100% of AUPP Australia fees Share- AUD 1280)
  2. For 80% scorer in year 12 80% Scholarship (80% of AUPP Australia fees Share AUD 1280)
  3. For 75% scorer in year 12 75% Scholarship (75% of AUPP Australia fees Share AUD 1280)