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Study in Australia for a successful life ahead!!

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Come to Australia and fly high with a career that is respectable and successful! Save your time spent on visa filing, documents, IELTS, just spent 10 months here in your home country and get a direct admission to one of our tied up Australian University. Why study in Australia: When we think of Australia, we […]



AUPP offer top courses to study in Australia after 12th class!

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Australia is one of the fast developing study destinations in the world with around 1,100 institutions and 43 universities. A great number of fields and specializations make the country a sought-after education destination for international students. Although study options and coursework are important factors, there are many other aspects which students try to know before […]



Know-How for studying in Australian universities after 12th !!

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If you are seeking the best place to get admitted to abroad universities, Australia is the best place indeed. With a good global reputation, Australian Universities get placed in the top 10 universities all over the world. Yes! It is possible to study in Australia after passing the 12th exam. However, you must meet some […]



Is Australia the best place to study for Indian students?

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Australia comes among the top study abroad destination in the world for Indian students. Undesirable circumstances aside, it remains a top mark destination for Indian students wishing to study abroad. However, there are several points that need to be considered before you start your journey to Australia for your studies. Australia offers the best programs […]



A study in Australia has become a top destination for higher education

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Australia is comparatively affordable, and the scholarships provided to foreign students helps to reduce their living and tuition costs. Moreover, post-study work visas provided them International work experience. Australia is one of the examples, we found it to become a hub of education and travelers. Why Australia? Australia the smallest continents, and a beautiful island […]



Study Abroad with affordable price only through AUPP!

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AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program) is running a pathway program since 2004. Presently AUPP operating 30 centers all over India. AUPP helps the student to fulfill their dream to study abroad by giving opportunity 1-year study in the home country and rest 2 years study in Australia. AUPP centers provide an environment which helps the […]



How Abroad Education is a Boon to Indian Students!

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Students who are meritorious always choose to study overseas over studying in their home country. There are a lot of reasons one must opt to abroad education after getting graduated from high school. The advantages and also the prospects, the experiences and adventures that you simply will have while studying overseas. Most significantly, you will […]



The untold secret to why to study abroad?

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It would be helpful to know why other students want to opt for abroad education. We have asked Aptinder one of the student from India who is considering to apply for Bachelor’s program in abroad to share his views on International Education. 1. Better learning opportunities: The advanced level of education is the utmost reason […]



Which is an utmost popular destination for affordable overseas education?

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Why to opt for studies in Australia? Australia is a prevalent destination for academics and it caters student around the globe. Every year, numerous international students enroll in Australian courses. In the year 2015, the number of international students enrolled for academic programs was 645,189. Because of the popularity of overseas study programs, Australia maintains […]



How to Study in Australia can be beneficial for Indian Students?

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Australia is on the top most priority for study overseas, after the USA and UK. . Both public and private universities are a part of Australian university system. Each university’s curriculum is planned by the university bodies only. Studying in Australia comes with numerous benefits i.e. Credit transfer facility and change in study levels and […]

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