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The AUPP programs have been developed in conjunction with ATMC and the programs utilise ATMC curriculums under licence.

AUPP provides its specially crafted Credit Transfer Program through RPL to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to the University of the Sunshine Coast at ATMC’s Sydney/Melbourne campus for completing the relevant undergraduate degrees.


AUPP Credit Transfer program provides credits for subjects already undertaken at the ATMC’s partner university in Australia. These credits will be given to the AUPP students who are registered on AUPP Credit Transfer Student Management System and successfully complete AUPP assessments and successfully fulfill the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment requirements to gain a relevant ATMC Diploma qualification.


Upon successful completion of the 10-month AUPP program and its assessments, you will obtain an AUPP certificate. If you successfully meet the RPL assessments at ATMC to obtain a relevant Diploma qualification, you will be able to get credit transfer to the ATMC partner university. This will allow you to complete the final 2 years of your Bachelors degrees in the relevant fields at ATMC partner university in Australia. The credit transfer is subject to your meeting the university’s requirements at the time of applying for admission. Students should note that entry into the second year of studies is subject to them meeting all University requirements for admission and meeting visa requirements for grant of a student visa to Australia.

AUPP - The most prepared way to study in Australia.









. Pathway

With AUPP PATHWAY, you can start your course in India and then with the transfer of all your credit, you can start your study in Australia.

. Study

20 hours / week of study will give you added advantage of being able to do something in parallel.

. Travel

Students travel in a group so that no one felts lonely or insecure.

. Visa

This is the biggest advantage of this program. You will get Work VISA of 2 years post study, which you can extend, of course.