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Why AUPP Pathway?

Start in India - Finish in Australia

With AUPP PATHWAY, you can start your course in India and then with the transfer of all your credit, you can continue your study in Australia.

40 Hours/Fortnight (15 Days)

40 hours/fortnight will give you added advantage of being able to do something in parallel.

Two Years Post Study Work Visa (PSWV)

This is the biggest advantage of this program. You will get Work VISA of 2 years post study, which you can extend, of course.

Our Courses

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About AUPP

The AUPP programs have been developed in conjunction with ATMC and the programs utilise ATMC curriculums under licence. AUPP provides its specially crafted Credit Transfer Program through RPL to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to the University of the Sunshine Coast at ATMC’s Sydney/Melbourne campus for completing the relevant undergraduate degrees.

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Student Testimonials

What students say



AUPP helped me in saving a year of studying abroad, I am happy I took the decision of choosing this program. They awarded me full scholarship and motivated me to work even harder.

Mayur Patel


AUPP guided me when I had to make a tough decision after 12th.It is indeed the best institution for higher studies. I was thoroughly guided and motivated with positivity that aided in following my dreams.

Supreet Kaur


I am glad I took this decision, AUPP helped me in realizing my dream of abroad education. It is undoubtedly the best pathway program currently in our country.

Vighnesh K P


I was awarded 75% of scholarship by AUPP because of my good academic percentage. They guided and pushed me to worker harder and make my parents proud.


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